Electronics course outline 

Lesson 01

Introduction to the main components
The concept of schematic diagram

Lesson 02

Current, voltage, resistance and power
Internal resistance of the multimeter
How to measure voltage
How to measure current

Lesson 03
Structure of resistors
How to measure resistance
Resistance and power
The ohm law
Resistance in the circuit

Lesson 04
Resistors association
Series association
Parallel association

Fractionary values
Color code

Lesson 05
The concept of infinite and zero resistance
Resistors failures
The resistance is lower than the resistor value
The resistance is higher than the resistor value
Variable resistors

Lesson 06

The PTC and the NTC
The varistors

Lesson 07
Capacitor behaviour in a DC circuit
Capacitor behaviour in a AC circuit
Capacitor as a filter
Capacitor as a DC blocker
Measurement units

Lesson 08
Capacitors in the schematic diagram
Ceramic and polyester capacitors
Polyester capacitors
Disk capacitors

Lesson 09
How to check capacitors
Short or leakage in capacitors
Bipolar capacitors
Tantalum capacitors
Capacitor of 85 and 105 degrees
Capacitors and frequencies
Low pass filter (LPF)

Lesson 10
Diodes characteristics
Fast recovery diodes
Checking a diode
Double diodes
Diodes bridge

Lesson 11
The zener diodes
Zener as voltage limiter
Zener as protection
Zener as voltage level detector
How to check a zener
Recognizing zener diodes

Lesson 12
Physical distribution of terminals
Power transistors
TIP Transistors
BD type transistors
BC type transistors
How to check a transistor

Lesson 13
Behavior of a transistor
Base-emitter voltage
PNP transistor polarization
NPN transistor polarization

Lesson 14
Transistors as amplifiers
The collector current
Transistor Gain
Signal gain and voltage gain
Signal amplification
Common collector

Lesson 15
Dynamic analysis of circuits
Some advantages of the dynamic analysis of a circuit

Lesson 16
Light emitter and receptors
Photo diodes
Emitter photo diode
Receptor photo diode
Photo transistor
How a photo transistor works
Optical coupler
Optical switch

Lesson 17
Frequency and phase
The oscilloscope
Frequency counter
The concept of phase

Lesson 18
Crystal oscillator
Checking the signals
The AC/DC button in the oscilloscope
The voltage button in the oscilloscope

Lesson 19

Relays and SCRs
The coil of a relay
The relay contacts
The SCR behaviour
Chracteristics of SCRs

Lesson 20
Power supplies
External Power supply
Internal power supply
Transforming a voltage
Physical aspect of a regulator

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