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A course about air conditioning SPLIT installation.

Nowadays there are many videos over the internet about split installation and they may help to understand steps of an installation, but a detailed course is necessary to perform an installation.

Target Audience

_People who want to learn how to install split air conditioning in countries where government license is not required.

_Licensed HVAC technicians who wants to improve their knowledge and learn apartment air conditioning installation.

_Engineer or foreman who wants to acquire knowledge to know how to deal with their air conditioning installers employees.

You will receive all the teacher guidance by e-mail during the course and also when you are making your first install. You will learn more than one way to make the installation of split air conditioning and choose the one that is better for you.

You will receive a certificate in Split Air Conditioning Installation.
The certificate will arrive by mail, free of charge, within a maximum period of 10 days after you take the online test, anywhere in the world.

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The course teaches how to install air conditioning SPLIT with emphasis on details because they are the real difficulty of the installation. Many installer manuals try to teach how to install, but these manuals do not teach how to perform each step of installation. For example, the manual simply ask you to make a hole in the wall but does not specify the techniques involved in this procedure. We know that making the hole due to the wall harness and thickness is no simple task. In our course we explain everything in detail.

Below are some pictures of the e-book.

You will also learn the installation of condensing unit in apartments with and without a balcony.


Another important thing is to learn how to make a good flare so that there are no leaks. If you fail to make the flare, all the installation job will be lost and must be redone with more difficulty, because you will have to add refrigerant.

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